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Hip Resurfacing Surgery

Hip resurfacing is similar to total hip replacement from a surgical aspect. However, in a hip resurfacing procedure, your surgeon will shape the cap of the thigh bone (femur) to accept an implant. This allows more of the original femur bone to be used. 2 caps are then inserted into the hip, one over the surface of the femur and another into the pelvic socket to create a smooth surface in which the hip joint can freely rotate.

Recovery time from hip resurfacing is typically very similar to that for a hip replacement. Most people can begin physical therapy the day after surgery and start walking with a walker, crutches, or a cane. Most patients experience a significant reduction in pain and an increase in the range of motion of their hip equal to or better than for a hip replacement.

Hip resurfacing procedures are most effective for patients that are correctly qualified for the surgery. For most patients, a total hip replacement, or even arthroplasty is often a better option. Our orthopedic surgeons can advise you as to which procedure is right for you. As our practice is focused exclusively on knee and hip procedures, we have the experience to offer the exceptional results his patients are looking for.

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