Hip Arthroscopy

Minimally Invasive Hip Scope Procedures
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Hip Arthroscopy Surgery

Many individuals with hip symptoms and injuries may benefit from hip arthroscopy. Patients, who are deemed suitable for the surgery from proper diagnostic exams, often attribute a specific hip pain or localized lesion within the hip joint benefit most. In addition, patients who have developed a high rate of cartilage loss in the joint may be better suited for other operative procedures, such as a hip replacement.

What Is Arthroscopy Of The Hip?

As minimally invasive procedure, arthroscopy surgeries are performed in which a small camera is placed within the joint and specialized instruments are used via small incisions.Hip arthroscopy surgeries generally take 2 to 3 hours to complete. This minimally invasive surgery allows most patients to go home the day of surgery and also allows to begin physical therapy and rehabilitation within days following the surgery.

Do I Need Surgery?

With most orthopedic issues, there are both non-surgical and surgical procedures available for treatment options. Often times, patients with hip injuries will respond to conservative treatments such as medication and physical therapy. However, if these measures fail, surgery is often recommended.

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